At Blessed Bee the Name we offer a wide variety of appliques, embroidery designs and monograms.  Please scroll through the pages to see all that we offer.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to Contact Us and we would love to help you with your special request or design.
This is totally embroidered EL.
Design does not include "Happy 4th".  Add for $5.00 extra.
This is a larger design and may not fit on some items.  Big Brother additional to add.
Dump Truck 3
Add "Future Pilot" to this adorable applique for an add'l $4.00.
In the center of the race track, you can put either an applique letter or applique number.
This tank truck was done in a CAMO fabric.  You can choose your fabric colors.
This jeep is done with CAMO fabric, but you can choose whatever colors you would like.
Dump Truck 1
Helicopter 1
Sailboat 2
Train 1
Sailboat 3
Fire Truck 1
Dumptruck 2 - PA
These designs can be added to almost anything that we sell on this site.
Patriotic Designs - Fourth of July
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This applique is available with all letters of the alphabet.
To use this cute octopus applique for a boy, the bow and ribbons can be left off.  ADD $2.00 for the bow and ribbons for a girl.
This an EMBROIDERED Anchor with Initials - NOT an applique
This is a larger design and may not fit on smaller items.
This design will come with the bass and name.
The super hero here is totally embroidered.  It is NOT an applique.  You can add any applique number you would like.  Add $5.00 for the number of stitches involved in this design.  Includes name.
Applique Knight & Name Included in Price/Additional Writing Extra
This applique design includes a name.
I added the applique 1 to this design for a special birthday.  But actually the design comes with the baseball glove and ball.  So cute.
What a cute Sports Mickey Mouse Head
This tiger is great for fans of Auburn, Clemson, Savannah State, etc.
This burp cloth was made for little Gabriel, who's mom and grandfather both teach at Jenkins High School -- Home of The Warriors.
Great for Dawg fans.
StitRo  --  Please add $3.00 to add an applique number.
Circle applique is not part of this design.  Bow is extra $$
To add an applique number is extra.
FROZEN Princess Crown - SAA
This DAWG applique can be made with or without the bow.  Add it to a Euro tote for the ultimate game day accessory.
Leave the It's My Birthday off and put a name in it.
This applique was used in a reveal for a BIG Sister.  You can use it without the BIG Sister and just add your own name.  So cute.
Add $2.00 to this design for the difficulty level.
Add your team's name for an add'l $4.00
PA Scrolly Patch 1
Beach/Ocean Animal Life Designs
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Animals, Insects, Etc.
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Click On Any Image Below To See A Larger View
This castle can be made for a boy or going.  SBC
This is totally embroidered.  NOT an applique.  University of Alabama 
There is a minimal cost to add an applique number to this design.
Add $2.00 if you want an applique number. FFBH
All letters of the alphabet are available in this cowboy applique - PA
This stand mixer was put on an  - PA
This applique actually starts with just the two bats and the baseball.  It also comes with a name.  To add the "Little Sister" and bow are extra.  Ask for details.  Can be used for a boy or girl
Bow is extra.
You can also use this design for a BIG bro or LIL bro or LIL sis.  So cute and versatile.
BIG Bro or BIG SIS can be used.
Change fabrics & thread colors to use this for a cowboy.  Come in letters A-Z
Change fabrics & thread to use this adorable applique for a cowboy!
Use different fabrics & thread colors to make this boot for a cowboy!
Leave the bow off and you got an adorable applique for the boys.  For this applique add $2.00 due to the amount of fabric pieces involved.
For a boy, red fabric can be used for the center of the watermelon
This comes with applique angle and name.  Additional writing extra.
Savannah Christian Prep School Mascot (special pricing on this one due to the large # of stitches)
Applique A With Name
Applique Crayon Box
Applique Cupcake 1
Thankful Turkey BKA
FFBHS - Choose from either Mickey Mouse Ghost or Minnie Mouse Ghost.  Name included
Choose your own letter to have appliqued on this adorable design.  Change fabric colors to make it for a boy. PA
Add a bow for $1.00 to make it a girly turkey.
Add a bow at the stem of the pumpkin to make it a girly pumpkin.  Add $1.00 for bow.
Leave off the bow and you have a cute boy turkey.
This applique can be done in any letter of the alphabet.
Can be done without the bow and used for a boy.
Turkey 3
Turkey 1
Turkey 2
Turkey 3
E and O  - Personalize with a name or initials
Mini dinosaurs are embroidered only.  The $$ in this design may vary due to the numbers of stitches.  PE
Wolf ASE
Wolf Head ASE
This cute poodle applique was done in orange for St. Patrick's Day.  However, you can choose any color fabric for the poodle you would like.  Shamrock also does not come with it.  PA
This adorable applique can be used for a boy by changing the fabric colors.  Extra $$ to add BIG Sister or BIG Brother
Flowers can be left off to make it a non gender ladybug.
This is a totally embroidered design - NOT an applique.  Lab Dog Head
Make it a BOY penquin by leaving off the bow!
This applique is a 3D design.  The ears are sewn separately and then sewn on the head of the dog.  Add $5.00 for this applique.
Can be done without the boy for use with a boy.
What a cute little giraffe.  Notice his back and tail fringe for an extra WOW.  AA
Applique Hedgehog
Applique Whirly Bird
Choose any letter to go in between these adorable, totally embroidered manger scenes.
Drummer Boy Drum (TCA)
TCA - It truly doesn't get any sweeter than this.  Leave off the wording and add a name to personalize.
These are totally embroidered Nutcrackers.  You can personalize with a name, initials or a single letter.
Christmas Car W/Deer BKA
You get to choose the colors you want for the #1.  This customer chose to have solid white.
Includes a name
This MERRY CHRISTMAS design was put on pillow cases, but would be so elegant on a variety of different items.
Tree 1
Tree 2
Tree 3
This entire design is embroidered.  Due to the large number of additional stitches, please add $5.00 to your total.
This adorable applique can be used for a boy or add a bow to make it for a girl.  Bow $1.00 extra.
Add a detachable bow for $1.00.
Choose any color lights to make it for a boy or girl.
This Santa is a larger design and cannot be put on a smaller item.
This is a large applique and cannot be put on smaller items.
Can be made with a bow for girl or without for a boy.
Fabrics - polka dot or gingham check
Due to the difficulty of this applique and the ribbons, please add $3.00 to this design.
Due to the cost of the ribbons and the difficulty of this desgin, please add $8.00 for this ribbon Christmas tree design.
Due to the extra cost of the ribbons and toile, please add $3.00 to the total.
Reindeer Head #2
Boy Things
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Girl Things
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Miscellaneous Designs
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Valentine/Love Designs
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Bunny Silhouette With Button Tail AD
Bunny Silhouette With 3 Initials ADD
What a precious bunny design.  Leave the bow off and change the fabric color and you have a cute design for boys too.
Add $1.00 for a bow at the ears for a girl, or $1.00 for a bow tie at the neck for a boy.  Fabrics can be used for a girl or boy bunny.
Add a sweet little bow to the bunny to make it a cute girl bunny - $1.00
An adorable carrot with ribbons on top.  Great for Easter or year round.
Add a bow to this applique for only $1.00.
Boy version of this bunny.  You can change the fabric colors for either of these bunnies.
For boys I use the CIRCLE font for the initials.
Add $2.00 for the toile bunny tails. AM
Can be done without the bow for use for a boy.
Easter Designs
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Fall/Thanksgiving Designs
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Christmas Designs
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St. Patrick's Day Designs
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This quilted shamrock is made out of 6 different pieces of fabric.  I LOVE IT!  TI2S
ACo & ACa
Add a bow for $1.00 to make this an adorable girl dog.
Applique includes your choice of name or initials.
Leave the bow off and you have a perfect design for a boy.  Add the bow as shown for $1.00 extra.
Available in LUCKY BOY too!
This is a larger design and may not fit on some smaller items.
Embroidery/Button Designs
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and Get Additional Details
Add $2.00 for cost of buttons
Add $2.00 for cost of buttons
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This is just an adorable way to say I LOVE YOU.  You can change the colors of the dogs to black or brown to match your dogs color.
Make this an adorable "girl" hedgehog by adding a pretty bow for only $1.00.  You can also change the dark brown fabric for a gingham check or polka dot.
This LOVE bird applique is large and therefore may not be able to fit on some items.  Please inquire or details.  Add bow $1.00 for a girl bird.
You choose the color fabric for your hippo to make it for a girl or for a boy.  Add a cute tutu and bow for only $4.00
Included in the design is either your choice of name or Be My Valentine
Change the color of the fabric used for the bird (blue, yellow, etc) and you have an adorable birdie design for a boy.
You can add a bow if desired for a girl bird.
Add the name of your choice to this applique
Add a name of your choice to this applique
Fabrics can be chosen to make this a boy bird too!