I just love to dress my three grandchildren in unique and special tee shirts.  It makes them feel so special and it really makes a WOW presentation.  We offer a wide variety of shirts for every day, special occasions, and holidays.

Long or Short Sleeve Tee Shirts
Sizes Available - 6 months - Youth Sizes 
Long Sleeve Tee Shirt With Monogram & Applique of Your Choice $27.00*
Short Sleeve Tee Shirt With Monogram & Applique of Your Choice $27.00*
Add $3.00 for Youth Sizes
*See APPLIQUES page for a wide selection of monograms and appliques.
Click On Any Image Below For A Larger View
Initials for a boy would be done in the CIRCLE font
This Santa is a larger design and cannot be put on smaller items.
This applique can be made without the bow for a boy.
Add $3.00 for this design due to the extra number of stitches
This is a 3D design.  The ears are sewn separately and added to the puppy face.  Please add $5.00 to this design.
Can be made for boy or girl - with or without the boy.
Fabrics - polka dot or gingham check
Extra to add team names
Add $1.00 Extra for Bow - Ric Rac Extra
Pom Poms Extra
This fabric was special ordered by the customer.
Chick can be made without bow for use with a boy.
Add'l fees for 3 applique.  Ric Rac Extra
Please add $8.00 to this design for the add'l cost of the ribbons and the added time in making this intricate project.
Sports Mickey Mouse Head
This applique design can be done with all letters of the alphabet.
This sweet little bunny has the cutest 2 button tail.  Colors change for a boy bunny.
Oh so cute!  Make it a boy bunny by leaving off the bow and changing the fabrics.  
Add $1.00 extra for the bow.
This adorable bunny silhouette fabric can be changed to make a precious girl bunny too.
This sweet "pancake" birthday cake is so adorable.  You can change the colors and birthday number.
This special castle can also be used for a boy by changing colors.
The mini dinosaurs are totally embroidered.  The "2" shirt may be more $$ due to the amount of stitches.  PE
This design is available in all letters of the alphabet.  PA
This design comes with the applique Troll and a name.  Extra to add an applique number.
Oh so cute!  Add a bow for only $1.00 to make it a really girly hedgehog.  You can also change the dark brown fabric to a gingham check or polka dot fabric.
This unique design can be used for a boy or girl by changing fabric colors.  Extra $$ to add BIG Sister or BIG Brother.
This superman hero is completely embroidered.  It is NOT an applique.  You can choose any applique number to add to it.  Please add $5.00 to the cost of this design due to the number of stitches involved.  Includes name too!
Safari Mickey & Minnie - you choose the colors for the hat/band & bow.
This applique is large and will not fit on smaller items.  Big Brother extra $.
This is shown on a seersucker dress but comes available on white shirts.  Change the writing to a different color for a boy shirt.
Even though this page is listed as a "shirts" page, I wanted to be able to share this new DAWG applique.  You can leave off the bow for the ultimate male dog.  Add this applique to any tote for the WOW game day accessory piece.
Trim at bottom of shirt extra $.
Great applique design for a boy or girl.  Add $1.00 extra for bow.  Trim at bottom of girl's shirt extra $.
Add a bow for $1.00 to make this a girly turkey.  Ric rac trim extra $.
Easily made into a girls shirt just by changing fabrics.  SO CUTE!
Easily make a boy shirt out of this by changing the fabrics.