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At Blessed Bee the Name we offer a wide variety of holiday appliques, embroidery designs and monograms.  Please scroll through the pages to see all that we offer.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to Contact Us and we would love to help you with your special request or design.
Designs can be put on a wide variety of items sold on this site.
T-shirts, European Market Totes, Wide Variety of Tote Bags, Aprons, Tea Towels, Kitchen Towels, Banners, Backpacks, Bibs, Burp Cloths, and Panty Covers are a few of the items you can add a design to.  Or, we can add it to something you already have.
Pilgrim Dog With Mayflower SBC
Design includes either Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse and Name
Add $1.00 to make it an adorable girl turkey.  AD
Add a bow at the stem of the pumpkin to make it a girly pumpkin.  Add $1.00.
Leave off the bow and you've got an adorable turkey for a boy!
This applique can be done in any letter of the alphabet.
Can be made without the bow for a boy.
This can easily be done for a boy as well, without the bow.
Add a sweet bow to this scarecrow for the girls.
Turkey 3
Turkey 1
Turkey 2
Turkey 3
TCA - Easily change the fabric colors to make this for a boy too!  Great on Kitchen towels and tote bags.
This adorable dog heart set is so cute.  You can change the color of the dogs to brown or black.
Make this an adorable "girl" hedgehog by adding a pretty bow for only $1.00.  You can also change the dark brown fabric for a gingham check or polka dot.
This LOVE bird applique is large and therefore may not be able to fit on some items.  Please inquire or details.  Add bow $1.00 for a girl bird.
You choose the color fabric for your hippo to make it for a girl or for a boy.  Add a cute tutu and bow for only $4.00
Included in the design is either your choice of name or Be My Valentine
Change the color of the fabric used for the bird (blue, yellow, etc) and you have an adorable birdie design for a boy.
You can add a bow if desired for a girl bird.
Add the name of your choice to this applique
Add a name of your choice to this applique
Fabrics can be chosen to make this a boy bird too!
This precious applique can be easily made for a girl just by changing fabrics.  SO CUTE!
Shamrock Truck -- Easily use this adorable applique for a boy by changing the fabric colors
This shamrock is quilted using 6 different pieces of fabric.  I LOVE IT!  TI2S
Add a bow for $1.00 and make this an adorable girl dog.
Applique includes your choice of name or initials.
Add a bow (as shown on the APPLIQUE page) to make it a sweet girly bird.  Add $1.00 for the bow.
Also available is LUCKY BOY design
This is a large design and may not fit on smaller sizes.
Click On Any Image Below To See A Larger View
Click On Any Image Below To See A Larger View
LOVE LOVE LOVE!  Use this bunny for Easter, but cute enough for all year.  Lots of different fabrics so make it for a boy, girl or non gender.  DBD
Bunny Silhouette2 AD
Change the fabrics and you have a beautiful bunny silhouette with 3 initials for a girl.  ADD
Leave the bow off and change the fabric and you have an adorable bunny design for boys too.  AD
This adorable raggedy patchwork bunny is sewn with 13 different pieces of fabric.  Add a bow at the ears to make it a girl bunny or add a bow tie at the neck for a boy bunny.  Bows $1.00 Extra AM
Add a cute little bow to make it a girly bunny $1.00.  Change fabrics to make the eggs for a boy. SAA
An adorable carrot applique with ribbons on top.  Great for Easter or all year.
Bow added to this applique to make it for a girl.  Add $1.00 for bow.
Change fabrics to make this bunny look so cute in lots of different colors.
Add $2.00 for the toile bunny tails.
Click On Any Image Below To See A Larger View
Click On Any Image Below To See A Larger View
Click On Any Image Below To See A Larger View
This cute patriotic Gnome can be used for a boy or girl just by changing the fabrics.  TI2S
Add "Happy 4th" for an extra $5.00.  It's really not necessary to have it, but is available should you desire.
You can add a bow to this adorable crab to make it super girly.  Add $1.00 for bow.
Memorial Day/Fourth of July/Flag Day/Veterans Day
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These nativity designs are totally embroidered.  SO BEAUTIFUL.  Add the letter of your choice.
TCA - It doesn't get any sweeter or real than this.  You can leave out the wording and put a name.
These are totally embroidered Nutcrackers.  Use them with a name, initials or just a single letter.
Christmas Car W/Reindeer BKA
You get to choose the colors you want for the #1.  This customer chose to have solid white.
Includes a name
This MERRY CHRISTMAS design was put on pillow cases, but would be so elegant on a variety of different items.
Tree 1
Tree 2
Tree 3
This entire design is embroidered.  Due to the large number of additional stitches, please add $5.00 to your total.
This adorable applique can be used for a boy or add a bow to make it for a girl.  Bow $1.00 extra.
Add a detachable bow for $1.00.
Choose any color lights to make it for a boy or girl.
This Santa is a larger design and cannot be put on a smaller item.
This is a large applique and cannot be put on smaller items.
Can be made with a bow for girl or without for a boy.
Fabrics - polka dot or gingham check
Due to the difficulty of this applique and the ribbons, please add $3.00 to this design.
Due to the cost of the ribbons and the difficulty of this desgin, please add $8.00 for this ribbon Christmas tree design.
Due to the extra cost of the ribbons and toile, please add $3.00 to the total.
Reindeer Head #2